Monday, April 4, 2011

Shelf Reliance featured CNN & One More Reason I Prepare

With the recent poor economy and natural disasters more and more people are discovering that they feel the need to get prepared.  Shelf Reliance was recently included in a report on CNN about the increase of sales of food storage and fallout shelters.  There is a link to the video below.

So what's all the buzz about "being prepared"?  Preppers, as we are often referred as, do not believe that by preparing and storing food we are going to weather the end of the world!  We are not waiting for some natural disaster or cataclysmic event to happen.  We simply feel the internal need to be prepared.  Prepared for what?  Anything!  There are some events in life that you can prepare for and some you can't!

In 2001 I was working as the Manager at a electronic data storage company.  Our boys were then 5 and 2 and my husband was working as a public CPA.  We were active an active family, playing church league softball and volleyball.  A fellow athlete had been having some back trouble and after multiple trips to the chiropractor gave him no relief he went to his medical doctor.  They found out that he was eaten up with bone cancer and he died two weeks later.  He was the picture of perfect health!  We were shocked.  I went to my doctor and had a complete physical exam.  I wasn't letting anything like that sneaking up on me!  I was in great health!

Nine months later during a coughing fit caused by my allergies, I broke an artery in my neck!  Three days later I was a very, very sick woman.  I had suffered at stroke as a result of the broken artery.  Dissection of the Right Vertebral Artery was the medical term for it.  I was 31 years old.  I spend 2 weeks in the hospital.  As a result of the stroke, I had to use a cane for a while, couldn't hardly use my right hand, had to learn to write again, couldn't talk correctly and had some short term memory loss.  I have recovered about 95%.  I have to stay on medicine due to the brain damage from the stroke and my right arm is still weak at times.  It could have been so much worse!

Could I have prepared for that?  Not physically or mentally.  However, financially it would have been a much easier blow if we would of had some food storage back then.  We lost $1200 a month in income.  So what did we do?  Exactly what so many Americans do, we fell back on our credit cards.  All our grocery and household items went on our cards which skyrocketed our debt!  Imagine how much it would have saved us if we would of had a years worth of food storage on hand!

Preppers just want to do everything in their power to be ready to handle whatever life throws at them.  It could be sickness, job loss, death of a loved one, storms, natural disasters or just that someone had a wreck and knocked out a power pole and my house will be without electricity for 48 hours.  You never know! 

Why do you have insurance, beside the fact that some of it is required?  Why do you have a will?  JUST IN CASE!  We have life insurance, health insurance, dental and vision plans and even cancer insurance that are not required.  We had AFLAC, which is accident insurance, when I was sick and got $3,000, which greatly helped.  Cancer policies?  Do you know what your chances of getting cancer are compared to chance of you or your spouse loosing your job?  Think for a moment what would happen to your finances if just one of your incomes were lost.  After thinking about that, why wouldn't you want to prepare the best you can?

Getting prepared is easy with Shelf Reliance!  We have an Emergency Kit planner and an innovative program called The Q.  Here is a blog post about using The Q to slowly and affordably be able to build your food storage.

The key component here is being prepared.  If you invest in a 3 month food supply and nothing happens, what are you left with?  FOOD that you can still use!  Thrive Foods have a shelf life of up to 30 years.  That is insurance that is never going to go up, the rate will never increase, and the benefits will never decrease for 30 years!!  Can you say that about your other insurance policies?

Here is the link to the news story on CNN.  They display our food supplies that are currently offered by Costco.  We have been told by HQ that once Costco's contract it up, it will not be renewed.  Shelf Reliance's products will only be available via their website and through their consultants!  So visit my site at and invest in some food 
insurance for your family today!

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Thanks for posting your story! You don't know me from Eve but I follow your blog and have learned so much from you and can't wait to meet you at some future SR convention. I love your perspective on things and your attitude! Diantha

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