Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon expects inflation

In an interview with USA Today, Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon talks about the coming inflation. 

"U.S. consumers face "serious" inflation in the months ahead for clothing, food and other products, the head of Wal-Mart's U.S. operations warned Wednesday. The world's largest retailer is working with suppliers to minimize the effect of cost increases and believes its low-cost business model will position it better than its competitors.  Still, inflation is "going to be serious," Wal-Mart U.S. CEO Bill Simon said during a meeting with USA TODAY's editorial board. "We're seeing cost increases starting to come through at a pretty rapid rate."

"Along with steep increases in raw material costs, John Long, a retail strategist at Kurt Salmon, says labor costs in China and fuel costs for transportation are weighing heavily on retailers. He predicts prices will start increasing at all retailers in June.
"Every single retailer has and is paying more for the items they sell, and retailers will be passing some of these costs along," Long says. "Except for fuel costs, U.S. consumers haven't seen much in the way of inflation for almost a decade, so a broad-based increase in prices will be unprecedented in recent memory."

"Consumer prices — or the consumer price index — rose 0.5% in February, the most since mid-2009, largely because of surging food and gasoline prices. Core inflation, which excludes volatile food and energy costs, rose a more modest 0.2%, though that still exceeded estimates."

Many economic forecasters are predicting hyperinflation.  What is hyperinflation?  Wikipedia says, "In economics, hyperinflation is inflation that is very high or "out of control"".

So, what can you, the customer do to stop it?  Nothing really.  What you do have control over is how it affects you and your bank account.  You need to stock up on items that you use everyday NOW!  The sites that I follow say that hyperinflation could start as soon as May!  Do you use coupons?  Well you need to start now!  Capitalize on store sales and match them with coupons to get the lowest price possible and stock up!!  Now going out and filling your pantry can be expensive so let me be clear that I am not recommending that you go into debt to do this.  Don't use your credit card!  That totally defeats the purpose!  The interest will negate any savings!

At Shelf Reliance we have an innovative program called The Q.  It allows you to create a "home store" that is stocked with nutritious everyday foods!  How many times a week do you run to the store for "a few things" and spend $100 dollars?  2 to 3?  Most people will say at least that.  Just by reallocating, or investing $100 a month to build your own "home store" you can save up to $2500 a year!  You are going to save time and money in addition to eating healthier and having more time for the things that are important to you.

Take a look at the blog posts.
"Why Build A Home Store" and "Using The Q To Build Your Home Store.

If you can afford to invest it, Shelf Reliance has some great packages to get your home store started!  Visit my site at and click on the buy tab to see our great packages!

 If these economic forecasts are wrong, what are you left with?  FOOD that will still feed your family and still save you money!  IT A WIN, WIN SITUATION

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Freeze Dried Versus Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that freeze dried produce is just as good if not better for you than the fresh that you get from your supermarket?  Surprised?  Most people that I talk to are!  Let me show you why.

 First lets talk about what freeze dried is.

 Freeze dried food is flash frozen just like regular frozen foods.  They are both picked at the peak of freshness!  The produce is allow to ripen naturally.  But what sets it apart is the next step.  The food is then vaporized to remove 98% of the moisture.  It is then canned and sealed in oxygen proof cans which is what gives it its incredible shelf life.  And the freeze dried will not get freezer burn after a couple of months.   There is no difference in the cancer fighting nutrients.  Oh, and if your freezer goes out or your power is off for a while your freeze dried food is still safe and sound!

Dr. Gary Stoner, Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Environmental Health Sciences at Ohio State University, has researched freeze drying for more than 20 years, and has learned that freeze-dried fruits retain almost all of their nutrients when compared to fresh fruit. His research has found that freeze-dried fruit helped prevent colon tumors.  In fact Dr. Stoner is so positive about the efficacy of freeze-dried fruits as a cancer treatment, he is developing an aerosol spray made from them as a possible treatment for lung cancer.
 Read more: The Effect of Freeze Drying on Vitamins |
The American Institute for Cancer Research suggests what while the water and oxygen are removed from foods, the nutritional value of the food is not decreased or altered.  Freeze dried fruits and vegetables contain the same amount of antioxidants as their fresh counterparts, according to the American Dietetic Association.

Fresh produce is usually picked before it is fully ripened.  Manufacturers want the food to look fresh and ripe when it hits the shelves.  Produce is often harvest too early and then later sprayed with plant hormones to speed up ripening.  Since the ripening occurs so quickly and often in some crowded box, the plant cannot develop as many nutrients and as much flavor as it would if it slowly ripened on its own.  This explains why a strawberry can have a beautiful deep red color but tastes like nothing.  And not to mention all the wax that is put on some fruit so it will look all shiny for you! Studies have shown that freeze dried food has more nutrients than fresh food that has been sitting at the grocery store for only three days.

So in conclusion, we know that we have been advised to get 7 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday!  While homegrown maybe the best it is not an option for the majority of Americans.  Freeze dried and fresh both have important cancer fighting nutrients, freeze dried does go through less processing and has less chemicals added to enhance their appearance.  Freeze dried is also light in weight, does not need refridgeration and has a long shelf life.  Since it is so convenient is it a favorite for campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. 

Go to to see the great selection of Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables that THRIVE has to offer!

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Tax Free on Rotation Racks and Emergency Supplies

Shelf Reliance has not been charging tax for non-food items due to computer restrictions.  Unfortunately for us, those have been fixed.  If you are interested in our Food Rotation Systems or any of our Emergency Supplies you should get them before the 31st!

 Harvest 72"  and 72" #10 retails at $459.99  On sale for $264.99


Thursday, March 24, 2011

50% OFF for Mineral Wells Friends

Ok guys!  This is for my local friends only!  You must live in Mineral Wells or be willing to come pick up your order!  Shelf Reliance is totally new to this area so to get the word out I am having the following promotion. The first 3 people to comment to this post, email me, or leave a message on my Facebook page will get $100 worth of product at 1/2 off the retail price! ($50 for $100 worth of product) This is my way of letting you try our products and help spread the word about Shelf Reliance. This is for previous customers and new customers alike, but cannot be applied to a current order.  BUT I am going to randomly pick a 4th person to receive this deal also.  So if you aren't sure what number you are, post or contact me anyway!  You might still win!
Orders must be placed and paid for by March 31st.
Introducing Shelf Reliance
We are in business
for 1 reason..
That's YOU!
Let us simplify your life, save you money, organize your pantry and give you a sense of peace!

Welcome to Shelf Reliance. Shelf Reliance is the industry leader in providing nutritious, delicious, shelf stable food that saves you time and money! By utilizing all primary food groups, THRIVE provides a solid foundation for proper eating to help maintain family health and happiness. THRIVE's freeze dried fruits and vegetables offer optimum nutrition without any additives or perservatives. And our line of shelf stable Basics save you time and money!

What if there was an easy way to create your own "home store", so that you didn't have to run to town just because you ran out of milk or eggs. What if your store carried fruits and vegetables that were already wash and chopped? What if great tasting fruit like peaches and blackberries were always in season at your store? What if you didn't have to worry about salmonella making the price of eggs and spinach sky rocket? What if I told you that this is all possible and much easier than you think and you that you can start stocking your "home store" without increasing your monthly food budget?

Want to earn free food and products?
Contact me about hosting a show.
or visit my website to see all the great products that we offer!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Food Storage Shelf Life

So you’ve followed the emergency preparedness guidance of the experts by stocking up on food storage for yourself and your family. No matter what the future brings, your outlook is bright because you know you’re ready for even the direst times. But how long will your preparation efforts last? Do they have an expiration date? There are varying points of view on this topic, but the short answer is your food storage will have a “sustain life” shelf life of at least 20 years.

There are many conflicting opinions on this issue. The main problem with the lack of expiration date consistency is there are different levels of food expiration.  When your food is used within the “best if used by” range, you will experience its full taste and nutritional value. When your food is stored longer, chemical changes can occur. Over time, minerals and carbohydrates in food do not transform much. Proteins and fats, however, can deteriorate in quality and cause off-tasting food. Vitamins are also susceptible to heat, light, and oxygen destruction.

Calorie intake is the most important life sustaining factor. Because calories do not mutate or fade drastically over time, the life of food storage products has more than one level.

If you want your food storage to have the best taste and highest nutrients, it is recommended that most items be used within 2-5 years. However, if you plan to use your food storage to sustain life, many items can last up to 20+ years. Once opened, most foods should be used within 6-18 months. However, many opened foods can remain life sustaining for up to 5 years if they are kept well covered and stored in a cool, dry area.
To maximize the taste, nutritional value, and shelf life of your food storage, follow these tips:

• Keep cans open for the least amount of time possible.

• To maximize freshness, keep oxygen absorbers in your opened cans. 

• Scoop food out of your cans instead of pouring, Doing this will limit oxygen intake.

• Reseal your opened cans with their plastic coverings.

• Store your food in a dark, dry, cool place (a basement or cold storage area is highly recommended).

• Limit your opened cans' contact with humidity.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Women's Day Magazine Promotes Direct Sales

I sat down last night to thumb through my new April issue of Woman's Day and was very happy at what I saw!  In it Mary Hunt's article "Have a Party, Make Money", promotes supplementing your income with a direct-selling business.  She discusses the low start up, the income possibility and the flexible scheduling.  Here is a link to the online version of the article.  She then listed some companies and told where so see more online.  I quickly logged on of course, to see if Shelf Reliance was on the list, and it wasn't.  Listed were several companies that I have heard of, but they all consisted of purses, jewelry, bras, candles and Pampered Chef.  All great companies!  But they all have one thing in common...they are selling discretionary items.  Don't get me wrong, I love bling bling and purses.  But in today's economy when money gets tight, those will be the first items to be cut from the budget!  Another drawback that I see is that they are often a one time purchase.  For example, I have about 4 baking stones that I bought about 7 years ago from Pampered Chef that I love and use every week.  However, they were very expensive and although I use them regularly I have not purchased from them in a long time.  They do not sell a consumable item so your chances of repeat customers goes down drastically.  Mary Kay and other makeup companies do have a much better percentage of repeat customers.  However, when things get tight most mom's have a hard time spending $20 or so on a bottle of makeup.  Don't get me wrong, I love their products and my sister used to sell it and was very successful at it about 10 yrs ago.  But times have changes and things are only going to get harder. The US is borrowing 4 million dollars a day from OTHER countries!  The dollar is only going to get weaker and food prices are going to continue to rise!

If you are looking to supplement your income with a home based direct selling business why not sell what people NEED?  Real Food!  By purchasing THRIVE Foods customers are INVESTING in their families security!  We are not selling gourmet mixes, although I love them!  We are selling, promoting and educating people on "food insurance".  Teaching them of the importance of being self reliant and prepared for emergencies, not to mention that they will save time and money with our products.

I feel that as a Shelf Reliance consultant I have a powerful tool to help families weather this economic storm.  Having "food insurance" can literally feed your family if you are without an income for a couple of months.  No embarrassing food stamps or waiting in line to get your rations as they did in war times.  (I pray that America never has to go back to that!)  And with the quality of THRIVE Foods you do not feel like you are having to sacrifice!  I use them nearly everyday because of their quality and convenience!  I have my kiddos eating fruits they never liked before because they "taste like candy" when they are freeze dried!  It is good for them!  Take a look at this post from a couple of weeks ago that documented my first weeks in this business.  I have only had 1 actual party and my 1st commission check was $147.00.  The remainder of my sales were from web promotions, friends and family!  My check for March is already going to be over $250 and I have half the month left!  I don't have to convince people that the economy stinks, that is obvious!  I just have to get them to try the products...and then once they do, there are hooked!  Their kids are snacking on blueberries and raspberries!  Mothers are fixing a nutritious dinner in minutes with our freeze dried meats and veggies!  Parents are feeling more secure because the question of "What will we eat?" is no longer!  Fathers are feeling more at ease because they have a 72hr Kit to take care of their family if an emergency arises.  Life is full of "ifs", most of which you cannot prepare for.  But preparing for the ones that you can sure helps you sleep a little better at night, at least it does me!

If you have even entertained the thought of starting a direct selling business, this is the one to do!  A fellow consultant, Heather, from Cooking With My Food Storage, comprised this top 10 list. (I have added a few things to it.)

Top 10 reasons being a Shelf Reliance Consultant is Great 

1)  Commission:  Shelf Reliance Consultants Make money.
You get paid commission on everything you buy (except your Q), everything sold at parties, everything sold on your consultant website, everything a customer buys from, all your Q customers. You even get commission when you buy catalogs and supplies. Commission is 10% of orders, and up to 30% on new Q's! Which means we get everything at a really great price!

2) Consultants get the host benefits for any orders they take that is not made at a party. Which is amazing!!! Host Benefits are 10% of the party order in Free product and there are 2 ways to get product for 50% off.  This is my most favorite benefit.  I originally signed up as a consultant in order to get my food storage at a discount.  I had no idea how much food I would be able to get for free or half off.  If you are serious about food storage this is a great benefit.  Consultants also get supplies for your party (or your home) at a supper discounted rate through the Party Supply Benefit! And you get even more free food because of their generous Double Dip rule!

3) You receive a $50.00 bonus for every consultant you sign up. 

4) Consultants don't need to keep an inventory.  Shelf Reliance ships directly to the customer via FED EX.  We even ship to APOs Alaska and Hawaii.

5) Consultants never get dumped out of the system no matter how low your sales as long as your Q is active.  You also never loose your status, i.e. mentor or director, etc.  Once you achieve a level it is not taken away!

6) Consultants get paid residual commission every single month for every customer you have on the Q. This is magic!!! It’s commission without doing any parties. After a while you can make money without giving any parties or with just a few.

7) Consultants can print price lists and order forms online for free! You don’t have to buy party supplies from Shelf Reliance, you can do what you like.

8) I am your trainer! I will get you set up and off to a great start.

9) This is an established company that has just entered the home party market.  There is tons of potential for growth.  It is not very often that you have the opportunity to get in at the ground floor of such a great company.  I have been with several companies and this company is BY FAR the most generous to their consultants!

10) You get to work with great people.  Shelf Reliance consultants are very warm and welcoming.  I have been really happy with how helpful everyone is!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I would love to talk with you!  Visit my site at and click on the Join tab to read more!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

All Eggs Are Not Created Equal

With the increased interest in food storage I wanted to take a minute to make sure that you know what you are buying!  You have to make sure you are comparing apples to 
apples if you will.

Powdered Eggs are often one of the first thing on a newbies list to buy, and they should be!  Eggs are so versatile, high in protein, and are included in almost everything that is baked!  Many companies offer powdered eggs, but how do they measure up?  I composed the following chart after some online research.

Brand Quantity weight shelf life price $ per oz

Augason Farms 56 36oz 10 to 1 $15.49 $0.43
Dehydrated Food Storage Doesn't Say anything since they are Not Available Not Available
Gourmet Reserves Doesn't Say 14 oz 10 to ? $53.30 $3.81
Honeyville 81 to 90 36oz 10 to ? Doesn't say Not Available
King Arthur Flour 26 8oz 2 mos $8.95 $1.11
Mountain House Foods Doesn't Say 42.3 oz 25/? $42.00 Not Available
Provident Pantry 96 ? ? $18.95 Not Available
Provident Provisions Doesn't Say 38.4oz 10 to ? $29.95 $0.78
Shelf Reliance 236 41.6oz 5 to 6 mo $21.69 $0.52

Although it may appear that Augason Farms is a better deal, there are only 56 eggs per can so it is .28 cents per egg.  Whereas Shelf Reliance is .09 cents per egg!  Although Shelf Reliance's open shelf life says 6 months, I have had my can open for about a year and they are still great!

As you can see powdered eggs are getting hard to find.  In a letter from our VP, Jason, he stated that they try to keep 2 to 3 months of inventory on hand.  So we have plenty of eggs.  Shipping time is running about 14 business days right now, but that should get better soon.

What do you use powdered eggs for?  Anywhere you use fresh eggs, you can use powdered eggs.  But where they really shine is in cakes and cupcakes!  Cakes are fluffier and more moist when you use powdered eggs!  You don't have to reconstitute the eggs when baking.  Just add 1T of egg powder and 2T water for each egg it calls for to the batter and mix it up!  The only time I have reconstituted eggs is when I am scrambling or making omelets.  We have 5 in our house and I usually cook a big breakfast on the weekend.  To feed all of us it usually takes 10 eggs.  I have started doing a half and half mixture.  5 fresh eggs and 5 powdered eggs.  The boys don't know I do it!  It really saves!

Visit my site at to get your powdered eggs on their way!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini Pizza With THRIVE

It's been kinda of a rough day, so what better time for a quick dinner with THRIVE!  On the menu is Mini Pizzas!  Everyone loves pizza.   
(Excuse my poor photography skills!)  
For the kid's pizzas I used THRIVE Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles, THRIVE Freeze Dried Onions, THRIVE Freeze Dried Mushrooms, a can of spaghetti sauce, flour tortillas and shredded mozzarella cheese.

 I soaked the sausage, mushrooms and onions in warm water for about 10 minutes.  Then drained the water.  I like to use a tight mesh hand strainer like this one.

I just put each item back in the bowls they soaked in.  Take your flour tortilla and spread about 2 big spoonfuls of sauce on it and then pile on the toppings you like.

You can then bake them in a 400 degree oven till cheese is melted and edges of tortilla is browned.  My kids were in a hurry so I ended up baking them in the toaster oven right on the wire rack for about 4 minutes each.

Kinda messy, but good!  Don't you like my fine china?  I told you it has been a rough day!

What did the kids think?

This is the 4yr old princess' plate!  Dad finished this part up! HAHA

For the hubby and I, I made Spinach Chicken Alfredo Pizza!

For this I used Magic Mix, THRIVE Freeze Dried Spinach and THRIVE Freeze Dried Chicken.  I soaked the chicken and spinach in hot water for about 15 min. and then drained.

While it was soaking I made up our sauce with the Magic Mix.  You guys know how I LOVE Magic Mix.  See how to make it here!  Wisk 2/3 cup Magic Mix into 1 1/2 cups of boiling water.  Add 1/2 t of Italian Seasoning, 1/2 t of Garlic Salt, 1 T of grated parmesan cheese.  Let that simmer and thicken.

(Did I mention that photography is not my strong suite?)
Now just build your pizza.  I put the sauce, spinach, chicken, mushrooms, onions and mozzarella cheese on mine!

Cooked in toaster oven for 4 minutes, and waalaa.

 Oh so gooood!

To purchase THRIVE Products visit my website at

Until next time KEEP THRIVING!!

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1st Months Commission Check!!! WOOHOO!!!

Look at my commission check for my first month with Shelf Reliance.  $147.00!  This does not include all the free and 1/2 price food I got!!  My second months check is already at $250 with 1/2 the month left!!  Not a get rich quick deal, but nothing to sneeze at!!

Sorry it is sideways!  I was just excited and wanted to get it posted!!  :)

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Specials

 Shelf Reliance has some great Spring Specials for you.  These are stock up prices!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Use The Q

To Build Your Home Store

Considering using the Q to build your "home store"?

The Q is an invaluable tool when planning and setting up your "home store".  Shelf Reliance knows that you are busy!  You have more pressing things that need your attention than wondering if you have enough eggs to bake the cupcakes for your child's school party tomorrow.  A "home store" means conviencence for you!  Onions and celery are already chopped, hamburger meat is already browned and the brocolli is washed and fresh!
Setting up your Q is so easy!  Its just 3 simple steps!
Q Planner
#1.  Use the Q Planner!  Based on the information you provide, the Q Planner will automatically create a plan designed specifically for your family. You can determine the THRIVE foods your Q sends to replace your monthly groceries. You can also decide the amount of each food you want to have in your "store".  Edit your shipments to include an item that you are running low on at any time.

When you are thinking about what foods to add to your Q, keep in mind your families favorite meals. Do you use a lot of onions?  Having them in your store will save you prep time.  Do you like mushrooms but they always seem to go bad in the crisper?  Just one can in your "store" would save money and be convenient!  Keep a couple of cans of Freeze Dried Bananas for after school snacks!

Q Budget
#2.  Set a monthly budget amount.  Most of us don't have the extra money sitting around to invest in an instant "store".   The Q makes stocking your "store" easy and affordable.  You simply reallocate a portion of your current food budget to apply toward THRIVE foods.  That way you are investing in your own "home store" without increasing your monthly expenses!  The amount can be as little as $30 or as high as you wish.  You even choose the day of the month that you want it to process.  Remember, you are building your own "home store" that will save you time and money!  No more last minute trips to the store!  Who actually only gets the 1 or 2 items they went for?  Nope, we always come out with a couple of bags that includes impulse buys.  Not to mention the money you will save on gas!
Q Delivery
#3.  Sit back and relax!  The Q can now manage all your shipments for you.  Of course, you can always edit the shipments if you wish.  After the first three months you can increase, decrease and even pause your shipments and budget amount!  It is completely up to you!

So go ahead and try it!  We are sure that you will be pleased with how easy THRIVE is to cook with, and that you will enjoy the convenience of having so many healthy choices right at your fingertips.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me!

You can also visit me on Facebook!

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Shelf Reliance's Pot Of Gold Giveaway

Shelf Reliance is having a Pot Of Gold Giveaway! Click on the image below for instructions on how to enter. If you would like to take advantage of the great products on sale visit my site at

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do You Have An Emergency Plan or 72 Hr Kit?

With the recent events in Japan I wanted to remind everyone that you NEED to have an Emergency Plan.  If there is an emergency does your family know what to do?  Do you have a meeting place set up in case you are separated?  Have you practiced a fire drill with your kids?  Do they know how to open the windows to get out if they had to?

Our kids know that if someone is breaking into the house or if a tornado is coming what to do.  We had a fast moving storm come up one spring and my 15yr old was at home with my 11yr old and 4yr old.  There is a 15 minute window between when I would leave for work and their dad came home for work.  It just happened that the storm came through in that time frame.  I had him on the phone until his dad got home.  Since we had practiced and discussed it, he already had everyone in the bathroom with some food, water and the phone.  I called telling him what to do and he already had done everything I was saying!  I was soooo proud of him!!  This was due to us practicing! 

FEMA recommends that every household have a 72 hour kit for every person in the family.  This would all be in a backpack or bag so that if you had to leave in a hurry you can just grab the bag and go.

I could list the items needed for a 72 hour kit, but it varies so much depending on where you live and the number of people in your family!  Shelf Reliance has a emergency kit planner that is sooo easy!  All you have to do is enter your families information and your personal preferences.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY to use the planner.  Just use it and mark the items you already have off your list.  The system saves you information so you can go in and edit it as you purchase items.  I have posted a tutorial video so you can see how easy it is.  If you would like to purchase your items from Shelf Reliance you can get a better price by going through a consultant, so email me and I will help you with that!!

Having a 72 hour kit will drastically reduce your anxiety about emergencies happening to your family!  You won't be running around trying to get items together.  In such tense moments you won't remember important items anyway!  
It is my humble opinion that have an emergency plan is not a is your responsibility as a parent!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

THRIVE Allergens Report

Unfortunately there are many of you out there with food allergies.   Shelf Reliance has compiled a Allergens Report for their foods.  It lists the products that are GMO Free, MSG Free and Gluten Free.

You can download that report here!

Just click File on the left hand side of screen and then choose download!
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thinking of Japan

I have been watching with deep sadness the events in Japan.  I can't even imagine something that catastrophic happening here...but it could.  We live in Tornado Alley so that is our main threat.  We are not near the coast so we don't have to worry about tsunamis and we are on a hill, 
so flooding is not very likely.

Unfortunately if you lived near the coast, all the food storage in the world would not help you if it floated away.  However the majority of the country of Japan was not completely destroyed, but will no doubt feel the effects of this disaster.

People wait to receive water distributed at a park Saturday in Koriyama, Fukushima prefecture, Japan, a day after Japan's biggest recorded earthquake slammed into its eastern coast.  Associated Press

 Food prices are going to sky rocket, if they can get any at all!  These residents are waiting in line for water just one day after the quake.  As you can see behind them their homes were not destroyed.  If a major disaster happened near you will you be waiting in line to get basic necessities 
for your family?
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Honey Butter

A wonderful way to use your THRIVE Butter Powder is by making Honey Butter. This stuff is sooo good! It's my new jelly! I love it on peanut butter or just on crackers! And of course it is heavenly on biscuits!

Here is the recipe that I got from another consultant!

Honey Butter

1 cup THRIVE Butter Powder
1 cup honey
1/2 c water
1c powder sugar
1t vanilla

Using the wire wisk attachment on your mixer, beat ingredients until creamy.
Store in a covered bowl in the refrigerator.

The next time I make it I might use 1/4c water to make it a little thicker and I will cut down on the powdered sugar.  It is really sweet and good, but I just wanted to cut down on the sugar for the kiddos!
THRIVE Butter Powder
#10 Can Retails at $24.49
On Sale now for $22.09*

If you try it be sure to let us know how it turns out!

*Price is when purchased through a consultant.  If interested just send me an email and I will register you as a customer.  When you login you will be able to see the lowest pricing available and may easily order from my website!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Readers Digest Family Safety and First Aid Book Giveaway

 Over at Patriots Against The NWO, they are giving away a copy of the

Readers Digest Family Safety and First Aid Book. 

All you have to do is leave a comment on his 

blog as to why you want it.

Go check it out!!  Patriots Against the NWO

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Dehydrated or Freeze Dried...Whats best for you? Home Store 101 #3

Dehydration and Freeze Drying - Two Preservation Methods, Compared and Defined

submitted by Denis Korn


"Dehydrated" is a general designation for all foods that have had water removed. It includes a number of different products and dehydrating techniques. Methods of drying include:
          o Air drying
          o Spray drying
          o Drum drying
          o Belt drying
    * Most commonly, “dehydrated” is a term applied to vegetables, fruits, spices, and beans.
    * Spray dried items include milk powder, dairy and cheese powders, fruit powders, vegetable powders, egg powders, and oil powders.
    * Most dehydrated vegetables and fruits are dried at high temperatures for short periods of time.
    * Advantages of dehydration:
          o Reduced weight
          o Longer shelf life
          o Lower cost
          o No waste and compact
          o A large, easy-to-use variety of foods
    * Disadvantages of dehydration:
          o Many products - such as corn, peas, and green beans - have to be cooked to reconstitute, resulting in increased time and loss of nutritional value.
          o High temperature drying of some items reduces nutritional value and taste.
          o Texture of some products is altered from original.
Freeze drying is a specific technology that refers to foods which have been frozen and then dried at low temperatures in a vacuum chamber.  The moisture is drawn from the chamber, leaving foods with a very low moisture content.  This process is known as sublimation.
    * Advantages of freeze drying:
          o Foods retain the highest nutritional value, taste, texture and appearance.
          o Foods do not “shrivel up,” therefore retaining their original shape.
          o Foods reconstitute easily in hot or cold water and can be eaten dry if necessary; no cooking is required in preparation.
          o The only method used to dry meat products for long term shelf life.
          o The chosen method of drying by the military, pharmaceutical companies, supplement manufacturers, and those concerned with nutrition and flavor.
          o The lowest moisture content obtainable, resulting in long shelf stability.
          o Excellent for fruits, vegetables, and meats.
          o Very lightweight.
    * Disadvantages:
          o Energy intensive- requires special equipment.
          o Higher cost.
          o Limited number of processors.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


To celebrate the launch of my Facebook page 
I am having a giveaway!  

How about some FREE FOOD!

Sometimes as consumers we get stuck in a rut and are a little apprehensive to try something new.  That's why I have decided to give away 4 of our top selling 
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That's it!  Just three easy steps!  Good Luck!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

March Q Special

Each month our Q members get a really great deal on products.  This month it is on the Mixed Bell Peppers.   Green Bell Peppers are about $1 each now and Red Bell Peppers I saw the other day for $2.85 FOR ONE!  Do you see the picture?  Look how many red ones are in there!!
Just add a handful to soups, spaghetti sauce, or throw some under the roast before you turn the crock pot on!  So convenient and good!
Or try this recipe!
Save money and time with THRIVE

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Helpful Home Store Tips - Home Store 101 #2

Helpful Home Store Tips
by Shelf Reliance Staff  11/13/09

Be Practical. Store the food you eat and eat the food you store. It doesn’t make sense to buy food storage that your family isn’t accustomed to eating. Many items, such as wheat, flour, oats, and dried milk are needed to sustain life and are already included in many of the foods that we enjoy each day. Become familiar with recipes that include ingredients contained within your food storage. This will not only enable you to become familiar with the preparation of foods within your food storage, it will also allow you to rotate your food in a timely manner.

Store Foods Properly. Quality is best maintained by minimum exposure to light, heat, moisture, and air. Items stored in a basement will last much longer than in a pantry or garage. Store food on shelves or on a raised platform rather than directly in contact with concrete floors or walls. Avoid storing items next to certain products such as soaps or fuels; this will prevent the spread of odor and other possible contaminants.

Temperature. Where possible, always store your food indoors. Temperature has the largest affect on food storage. Canned goods will store 2 to 3 times longer at 70°F than they will at 90°F. Most dry goods store indefinitely below 70°F. Temperature affects nutrition, texture, and taste.

Moisture. Dry goods should contain less than 10% moisture. The more a container is opened, the more moisture is introduced. The humidity in the air the day food is dry packed or home canned can also affect storage life. Weevil cannot grow in grain with less than 10% moisture. For a maximum shelf life, non-fat dry milk should have no more than 2.8% moisture.

Light. Store foods in opaque containers or dark cupboards. Light fades colors, destroys vitamins, and speeds the rancidity of fats.

Air. Containers should have airtight seams and lids. If in doubt, use duct tape as an additional seal. Plastic buckets with rubber gaskets are airtight if the gasket has not been damaged.

Use Variety. Use a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein sources, and dairy products to obtain balanced nutrition. This will provide greater flexibility in cooking.

Use Labels. Label your containers with the date of purchase.

Rotate Your Storage. Rotate as many items as you can by using food storage at least twice a week. This will allow for a complete rotation of a year’s food supply every three years. It will also help your family become accustomed to the items you have stored.

Store Water. Be sure to store a large amount of water (at least 14 gallons per person for a two week supply). Soda and juice bottles will work for water storage as will larger food-grade plastic containers. For larger quantities, 5, 15, 30, and 55 gallon storage drums can be used. Water will need to be treated before storage. FEMA recommends treatment with 4 drops of bleach per quart of water. Water supplies should be replenished yearly.

Store Non-Food Items. Food storage is only part of emergency preparedness. Don’t forget to store non-food items such as medicines, toiletries, soap, cleaning supplies, paper products, laundry detergent, and clothing.

Grow a Garden. For easy access to fresh produce, grow a garden. Also, store and rotate seeds. If you don’t have garden space, try using pots to grow vegetables.
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's National Pancake Week!!

It is National Pancake Week so here is my favorite recipe using my favorite products!!

I have a pancake recipe that I have adapted from a Betty Crocker recipe.  My family loves these!
I had promised a friend on FB a while back that I would send her this recipe and never got it done.  :(

Since I make these from scratch I make several batches of the powdered ingredients and then put them in a canister in my cabinet.  There is nothing in there that needs refridgerated so it should be okay in any type storage container with a good fitting lid.  This is the recipe I use (it is 6 of the regular recipe):

Pancake Mix
6 cups Flour 
(you can use whole wheat too)
1/3 cup Sugar
1/3 cup Baking Pwdr
1 1/2t Salt
Mix all of the ingredients and place in storage container.

Add to 2 cups Pancake Mix
2 1/2 cups Milk
1/3 cup of Oil
2 Eggs  
(if you don't have egg powder)

See how nice and thick these are?  I got a little carried away with the flipping!  Some people like their pancakes thinner.  My husband likes his almost like crepes sometimes.  If your family likes them thinner just add more milk until the batter is the consistency you like.  The yield really depends on how big you make them and how thick your batter is.   But 2 cups of the powder mix feeds my family of 5.
Some of them got a little dark.  I use an iron griddle on my stove.  Once iron gets hot, it really holds its heat.  I always forget to turn mine down
until it is too hot. 

Now about the powdered eggs.  I have been using powdered eggs for about a year in my cakes, cookies, muffins and pancakes.  Pretty much everything except scrambled, fried or boiled.  You don't even notice the difference!  They are made from the whites and the yolks and has all the same nutritional benefits!  All it takes is 1T egg powder to 2T water.   Just add the powder and water at the point that it is called for in the recipe.  When using it in mixes like this the milk takes the place of the water.  Yup, it's that easy!

And the best part about them is that they are a BARGAIN!  Each can has 238 eggs in it.  That is about 19 dozen.  It sells for just $20.99 for a big can and $9.09 for a small can.  If you were to buy 19 dozen from the store it would be around $32.  That is quite a difference.  An unopened can will last for 5 years and an open can for about 6 months.  $20.99 is the party price, which is the lowest price anywhere.  If you are interested leave a comment or message me and I will create a customer id for you.  With your customer id you get the lowest prices on everything on their site, 
including the camping supplies!  The discount is 10 to 30% off and varies on the item.

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Why Build A Home Store?

I am starting a new series of posts called Home Store 101.  If you know someone that would benefit from reading this, please forward it to them!  I believe my Home Store could be a saving factor someday!

Why Build A Home Store?*
by Shelfreliance Staff Sep 18 2009

Does it seem like everyone is making a big deal about storing food? For many, the issue may seem hardly worth addressing. After all, we live in a country known for being the “land of plenty.” It is sometimes hard to imagine that one day we could find ourselves in a situation that would require us to rely upon the food we have stored in order to provide for our families.

Determining every possible reason to have food storage is an impossible task; however, one need only take a look around our volatile planet to sample some of the many disasters of our time. In the spirit of optimism, more likely reasons to store food may be the least obvious. We never know when unplanned interruptions of life may befall us such as the unexpected loss of income due to a layoff or injury.

Reasons to Rely Upon Food Storage:
• Natural Disaster
• Terrorism
• Labor Strike
• Economic Depression
• Drought
• Crop Failure
• Personal Tragedy
• Civil Unrest
• Unemployment

Harvest Food Rotation System

What do I Need for Food Storage?

Water. Although a person can survive as long as two weeks without food, the human body wasn't designed to go long without water. Depending on the conditions and surrounding environment, this could be as little one day. Use any of our water storage containers to hold your water supply.

Food. When it comes to food storage, the first rule to remember is to store the food you eat and eat the food you store. This concept helped us develop what we call our Food Storage Rotation Systems™. Because all food has a shelf life, these systems will help you effectively rotate your food and protect your investment. We also offer the basic foods needed to sustain life. The food you eat during an emergency has a dramatic impact upon the psychological well being of those affected. Use our Food Storage Calculator to determine how much to store for you and your family.
Freeze Dried Fruits

Emergency Preparedness. We offer a range of emergency supplies and 72-hour kits that can be customized to match the needs of your family. Use our Emergency Planner to determine the items you will need for a specified amount of time.
Emergency Kits

Decide Today to Start Preparing

How do you start? The thought of preparing your family for an emergency may appear somewhat daunting at first. Our line of products is designed to help your family start with the most essential items needed during an emergency. Have you used any of the following excuses for not having food storage?

• I don’t know where or how to start my food storage.
• I don’t know what foods to store.
• I’m not sure what to do with 100 lbs. of wheat, rice, and beans.
• I can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for boxes of food storage.
• I have no means of rotating my food storage.
• I simply don’t have time.
• I don't know how to cook with food storage.

We Make Food Storage Easy!

By becoming a member of Shelf Reliance, we provide you with tips that make food storage easy. Here are some examples of tips that can help you get started:

• Store the foods you like to eat! After all, if all you had to eat was whole wheat and lima beans, would you want to survive anyway? Our THRIVE Kitchen provides simple and easy solutions to cooking with Food Storage.

• Build your storage at your own pace. Buy a few extra of something you find on sale at the store. Spending a few dollars a week at the store is more manageable than buying all of your storage at once. Shelf Reliance has a program called the THRIVE Q, where you can receive monthly shipments of the foods you want, at a price you determine. There is no commitment and you can adjust your monthly budget if your circumstances change.

• Let Shelf Reliance FRS systems rotate your food for you.

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*Article name was changed to match current promotions.