Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Use The Q

To Build Your Home Store

Considering using the Q to build your "home store"?

The Q is an invaluable tool when planning and setting up your "home store".  Shelf Reliance knows that you are busy!  You have more pressing things that need your attention than wondering if you have enough eggs to bake the cupcakes for your child's school party tomorrow.  A "home store" means conviencence for you!  Onions and celery are already chopped, hamburger meat is already browned and the brocolli is washed and fresh!
Setting up your Q is so easy!  Its just 3 simple steps!
Q Planner
#1.  Use the Q Planner!  Based on the information you provide, the Q Planner will automatically create a plan designed specifically for your family. You can determine the THRIVE foods your Q sends to replace your monthly groceries. You can also decide the amount of each food you want to have in your "store".  Edit your shipments to include an item that you are running low on at any time.

When you are thinking about what foods to add to your Q, keep in mind your families favorite meals. Do you use a lot of onions?  Having them in your store will save you prep time.  Do you like mushrooms but they always seem to go bad in the crisper?  Just one can in your "store" would save money and be convenient!  Keep a couple of cans of Freeze Dried Bananas for after school snacks!

Q Budget
#2.  Set a monthly budget amount.  Most of us don't have the extra money sitting around to invest in an instant "store".   The Q makes stocking your "store" easy and affordable.  You simply reallocate a portion of your current food budget to apply toward THRIVE foods.  That way you are investing in your own "home store" without increasing your monthly expenses!  The amount can be as little as $30 or as high as you wish.  You even choose the day of the month that you want it to process.  Remember, you are building your own "home store" that will save you time and money!  No more last minute trips to the store!  Who actually only gets the 1 or 2 items they went for?  Nope, we always come out with a couple of bags that includes impulse buys.  Not to mention the money you will save on gas!
Q Delivery
#3.  Sit back and relax!  The Q can now manage all your shipments for you.  Of course, you can always edit the shipments if you wish.  After the first three months you can increase, decrease and even pause your shipments and budget amount!  It is completely up to you!

So go ahead and try it!  We are sure that you will be pleased with how easy THRIVE is to cook with, and that you will enjoy the convenience of having so many healthy choices right at your fingertips.

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