Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Chance To Enter Contest at Sales Moms Network!

This is your last chance to enter the contest I have in conjunction with SalesMomsNetwork.com Here is the info:  YOU WILL NEED TO ENTER THROUGH THEIR SITE!!!

Posted: 26 Apr 2011 08:06 AM PDT

Let us simplify your life, save you money, organize your pantry and give you a sense of peace!
Welcome to Shelf Reliance. Shelf Reliance is the industry leader in providing nutritious, delicious, shelf stable food that saves you time and money! By utilizing all primary food groups, THRIVE provides a solid foundation for proper eating to help maintain family health and happiness. THRIVE’s freeze dried fruits and vegetables offer optimum nutrition without any additives or preservatives.
Use our innovative program called The Q to build your “home store” and stock it with fruits and vegetables that are always in season, vegetables that are already chopped, meats that are already cooked! All of these have an average shelf life of 25yrs unopened and 1 to 2 years after opened.
STOP wasting money by throwing away produce that you bought with the best of intentions, but forgot it was there!
Visit www.thrivingtexasmama.com to see our line of wonderful products. Contact me at thrivingtexasmama@gmail.com for a personal phone consultation!

I am so excited to share Shelf Reliance with you I am giving away a package of 4 of our best sellers.
One lucky winner will walk away with a prize pack that includes the following:
  • THRIVE Freeze Dried Strawberries  – THRIVE Freeze Dried Strawberries will have you snacking and munching the healthy way. GMO-free and a strong source of vitamin C, our strawberries are cut length-wise and then freeze dried. This makes them perfect and lovely in anything from your morning cereal to parfaits or decorative cakes.
  • THRIVE Freeze Dried Bananas –  THRIVE Freeze Dried Sliced Bananas are great for the little ones who love to monkey around. All natural and great on the go, this treat is delicious when rehydrated or when left in its freeze dried state. You can enjoy these slices at any time of the day, whether added to oatmeal in the morning or desserts after dinner!
  • THRIVE Whole Egg Powder –  Made up of both egg whites and yolks, THRIVE Whole Egg Powder is both incredible and edible. Adding eggs to your diet is an easy way to feel the benefits of choline, an important nutrient that most of us don’t get enough of. Eggs are also a great source of protein and several B vitamins.
  • THRIVE Non-Fat Powdered Milk –  THRIVE Powdered Milk is a non-fat, just-add-water mix made from part dairy and part soy. Since it’s perfect for cooking, having powdered milk on hand will make all of your favorite recipes more convenient and worry-free than ever. There’s no need to wonder if you have any milk left in the fridge (or if that last little bit has passed the expiration date). Just add a little water to powdered milk to make it ready for cakes, waffles, or tasty milkshakes.
So here is how you can win!  There’s more than a couple ways, even BETTER chances for you!
  1. Swing on over to the THRIVING TEXAS MAMA and let me know what your favorite product is (Here)
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NOW THAT’s ALOT of ways to win!
*Please note, giveaway is only open to Sales MOMS followers only. If you aren’t this is a great time to start showin’ the love. You can subscribe in the upper left hand side of our blog.

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Monday, April 18, 2011


I don't normally do this on this blog, but its getting really scary around here!  There has been wildfires burning to the west of us since Thursday!  With no rain in sight and winds gusts up to 50 mph these firefighters are exhausted!  There has been 55,000 acres burnt, around 50 homes and a church lost and one fireman has died.  We really need rain.  This has been the driest March in recorded history for our area!  Please pray for rain!  It was also in the upper 90's today and forecasted to be 98 tomorrow!

 The circles indicate the fires.  
I live just north of the yellow area on the right.  

These are some pictures of the smoke from my back yard.

That little spot is the sun!
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America's Test Kitchen Loves the Sun Oven

Have you heard the buzz about Sun Ovens?  Basically it a contraption that utilizes the suns rays to cook your food.  This is a God send for campers, RVers and those of us that live in a very hot climate.  Normally here in Texas, where the summers can easily reach 110 degrees, you don't heat up house with the oven unless you have to.  Most cooking is done outside on the grill after about mid April.  But now you don't have to sacrifice that homemade bread or chocolate chip cookies just because it is summer!

This is must have for any RVers!  Don't heat up your camper with that oven!  Get a Sun Oven!

At Shelf Reliance we carry the Global Sun Oven.  It retails at $324.89, but through me you can get it for $281.21!  That's $43.68 savings just for ordering through me!

Want to get it even cheaper?  Email me and I'll tell you how!

The Test Kitchen reviews the Global Sun Oven

Visit my website at www.thrivingtexasmama.com to learn more about the Sun Oven and to see all the great products we have!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

LDS Drastically Raises Prices

Another sign of the looming economy.  Shelf Reliance is not raising their prices!!  Visit me at www.thrivingtexasmama.com to see all the great products we offer!

This is from an article at the Examiner.com

Price increases on April 4th at the LDS canneries show inflation up between 11 and 49% for many basic food staples.  These rise in prices are a strong barometer for the overall economy since the LDS facilities are usually the last to raise prices for their communities, which provides food in bulk that they can collect through their vast networking operations.
According to the new price list from April 4th, many food staples have increased by more than 20% since the last price list came out just 3 months ago on January 3rd.
Beans. Black 13.69%
Beans, Pinto 12.13%
Beans, White 11.88%
Milk, Non Fat Dry 25.00%
Rice 38.99%
Sugar 33.81%
Wheat, Red/White 44.54%
Apple Slices 24.53%
Carrots 21.31%
Macaroni 40.25%
Oats, Quick 48.90%
Oats, Regular 49.19%
Onions 21.60%
Potato Flakes 33.33%
Spaghetti 38.99%
Beans, Refried 27.72%
Cocoa Mix 40.69%
Flour 29.70%
Fruit Drink Mix 26.20%
LDS churches and organizations have long been at the forefront in preparedness for families and communities.  As one of the wealthiest corporations in the world, their network of companies and church affiliations allow them access to cheaper food sources, and the capacity to store them for long periods of time through their canning facilities.
As the government and Federal Reserve continues to tell the American people that inflation is low, and contained by their monetary policies, the real barometer of inflation in the economy comes from the grocers, markets, and institutions that deal with food sales and production, and must monitor prices daily as commodities continue to climb.
The LDS's raising food prices at their canneries by 11 to 49% in just three months should be a serious wakeup call to all Americans on the true inflationary conditions that exist in our economy, and that we need to constantly look outside government reports for the true data affecting our spending and finances.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strawberries are on sale!

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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Instant Milk Experiment

At every show I make some Instant Milk and sell some every time.  People are shocked with the great taste.  This is not your Grandmothers Instant Milk!  It is not gritty and dissolves almost instantly.  You can adjust the taste of it by adding more or less powder.  For those of us who drink fat free milk, but prefer whole or 2% taste, this is a dream come true.  You get the good taste with none of the fat!!  Yup it is fat free!

I decided to conduct a little experiment.  I babysit kids and ran out of milk one day, so I mixed some up and put it in the empty milk jug!  I wanted to see if they would notice a difference.

How do you like my make shift funnel?  HAHA
 I just put the powder in, shook it up and put it in the fridge to get cold.

 Not one of the kiddos noticed a difference!  And trust me they would have told me!  My 15 year old boy noticed a slight difference in the taste, but said it was good and finished off the gal.  I had a customer at my last show that was so impressed with it she bought 2 cans to send to her son that is in college!  He LOVES milk, but due to space, doesn't get enough of it.  Those dorm refrigerators are not that big!  Now he can mix up a cup at a time!!

If you would like a small sample of our THRIVE Instant Milk, just email me your address and I can send you one.  Enough to make a nice glass!

THRIVE Instant Milk comes in a #10 can and has 97 one cup servings!  It is just $18.79*.  That is only .19 cents a cup!!  At $3.00 a gallon, store bought milk is also .19 cents a cup!  So what do you have to loose?  Well, factoring in the gas and time savings of running to the store when you run out, and the out of date milk that goes down the drain....NOTHING!  You have nothing to loose, especially when I will send you a free sample to try it for yourself!!

*This is the price when ordered through me.  When ordered directly from my website it is $19.49.

If you are a fan of our THRIVE Instant Milk, leave a comment below and let us know!
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shelf Reliance on TLC's Extreme Couponing

 If you happened to catch Extreme Couponing on TLC last night, then you saw one of our consultants Tiffany!  Tiffany like so many of us Shelf Reliance consultants loves couponing and stockpiling our "little victories", as I like to call them.  I call them that because to me I won in a competition against "the man".  If you have never couponed before, there is a high knowing you just got something for nothing.  It's like stealing, only its legal!  Those of us who coupon, don't understand those who don't!  To us coupons are money, just not printed by the US Treasury.  Couponing is a great way to help build your "store".  The items that I can't get from Shelf Reliance, I stockpile by using my coupons.  Unfortunately Shelf Reliance doesn't sell shampoo and toilet paper...yet.

So the question is what to do with all the great steals you get.  After a while they do begin to pile up.  You have to be organized or you won't know what you have!  I am currently trying real hard to use up some canned goods that are going out of date that I had stockpiled before I started Shelf Reliance. (Any one have good recipes for Spam? LOL)  On the show Tiffany showed her store room.  You may have noticed her shelving units.  I believe she even talked about one, how it rotates the items for you!  Well these are what she had,  Food Storage Shelves from Shelf Reliance.
Our racks come in several different sizes and configurations

Don't need a system that big?  
We have pantry organizers also.
 These handy little things come in three sizes.  This one is the Cupboard size and will hold 20 cans.  It retails for $34.99.  But you can get it through me for just $19.49!

The Cansolidator Pantry size will hold up to 40 cans and the Cansolidator Pantry Plus will hold up to 60 cans.

If your not sure what you need, visit my website and use the Food Rotation Planner.  Be sure to have the measurements of your cabinets!  It will tell you everything you will need.  From my home page, click on BUY, and then click on Tools.  

You can purchase through my site, or order through me for even better pricing!
What a great Mother's Day present!  Organize her pantry!  It is very original and she will love it!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pulled Beef Burritos

Thrive Foods made dinner a breeze again at our house!  We had Pulled Beef Burritos for dinner.  These are so easy, especially since they are made in your slow cooker!  Here's how!  (Remember that photography is not my strong suit!)

This is what you need, plus the shredded cheese I forgot to include in pic.  You know those London Broil steaks you can get on sale sometimes, but aren't really sure what to do with them?  When our local store has their Pick 5 sale I always get  a couple London Broils just for this recipe. 
Using your slow cooker, place steak in bottom of cooker.  On top of the steak sprinkle the envelope of taco seasoning.  Add a handful of the THRIVE Mixed Peppers.  Yup a handful, or 1/2 a cup if you need measurements.  No reconstituting needed!  Just put them in their right out of the can!   Add 1/2 cup water to the mix and then put the lid on.  Cook on low for about 4 hours or until meat pulls apart with a fork.  Just pull it apart!

Look at the peppers in that meat! YUMMY!  I just mixed up 1 cup of THRIVE Sour Cream, heated up the refried beans and tortillas and that's it!

These are so good and easy.  Hubby says I need to keep a bowl full of this meat in the fridge at all times!  That's how I know when he really likes something!  This is really easy to double when you need to feed a crowd.  If you like it a little spicy then just add some cayenne pepper to the seasonings!  We usually have guacamole too, but I was out.  There is something THRIVE doesn't have.  They should definitely work on that! 
Our Mixed Peppers are really a time saver!  When you open the can the pepper smell is so strong!

Look at home much red pepper is in there.  Red Bell Peppers are $2.38 EACH right now at our Walmart!  This #10 can of Mixed Peppers is just $14.49!  It has a shelf life of 7 years unopened and 1 year opened!  There are 42 1/4 cup servings in a can!  Just throw a handful of these in any soups, stews or in with the meat in the crock pot.  If you need to reconstitute them you just soak them in water for about 10 min, drain and they are ready to go!!  Add a little zing to chicken or tuna salad!!
If you try it, be sure to let me know!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Shelf Reliance featured CNN & One More Reason I Prepare

With the recent poor economy and natural disasters more and more people are discovering that they feel the need to get prepared.  Shelf Reliance was recently included in a report on CNN about the increase of sales of food storage and fallout shelters.  There is a link to the video below.

So what's all the buzz about "being prepared"?  Preppers, as we are often referred as, do not believe that by preparing and storing food we are going to weather the end of the world!  We are not waiting for some natural disaster or cataclysmic event to happen.  We simply feel the internal need to be prepared.  Prepared for what?  Anything!  There are some events in life that you can prepare for and some you can't!

In 2001 I was working as the Manager at a electronic data storage company.  Our boys were then 5 and 2 and my husband was working as a public CPA.  We were active an active family, playing church league softball and volleyball.  A fellow athlete had been having some back trouble and after multiple trips to the chiropractor gave him no relief he went to his medical doctor.  They found out that he was eaten up with bone cancer and he died two weeks later.  He was the picture of perfect health!  We were shocked.  I went to my doctor and had a complete physical exam.  I wasn't letting anything like that sneaking up on me!  I was in great health!

Nine months later during a coughing fit caused by my allergies, I broke an artery in my neck!  Three days later I was a very, very sick woman.  I had suffered at stroke as a result of the broken artery.  Dissection of the Right Vertebral Artery was the medical term for it.  I was 31 years old.  I spend 2 weeks in the hospital.  As a result of the stroke, I had to use a cane for a while, couldn't hardly use my right hand, had to learn to write again, couldn't talk correctly and had some short term memory loss.  I have recovered about 95%.  I have to stay on medicine due to the brain damage from the stroke and my right arm is still weak at times.  It could have been so much worse!

Could I have prepared for that?  Not physically or mentally.  However, financially it would have been a much easier blow if we would of had some food storage back then.  We lost $1200 a month in income.  So what did we do?  Exactly what so many Americans do, we fell back on our credit cards.  All our grocery and household items went on our cards which skyrocketed our debt!  Imagine how much it would have saved us if we would of had a years worth of food storage on hand!

Preppers just want to do everything in their power to be ready to handle whatever life throws at them.  It could be sickness, job loss, death of a loved one, storms, natural disasters or just that someone had a wreck and knocked out a power pole and my house will be without electricity for 48 hours.  You never know! 

Why do you have insurance, beside the fact that some of it is required?  Why do you have a will?  JUST IN CASE!  We have life insurance, health insurance, dental and vision plans and even cancer insurance that are not required.  We had AFLAC, which is accident insurance, when I was sick and got $3,000, which greatly helped.  Cancer policies?  Do you know what your chances of getting cancer are compared to chance of you or your spouse loosing your job?  Think for a moment what would happen to your finances if just one of your incomes were lost.  After thinking about that, why wouldn't you want to prepare the best you can?

Getting prepared is easy with Shelf Reliance!  We have an Emergency Kit planner and an innovative program called The Q.  Here is a blog post about using The Q to slowly and affordably be able to build your food storage.

The key component here is being prepared.  If you invest in a 3 month food supply and nothing happens, what are you left with?  FOOD that you can still use!  Thrive Foods have a shelf life of up to 30 years.  That is insurance that is never going to go up, the rate will never increase, and the benefits will never decrease for 30 years!!  Can you say that about your other insurance policies?

Here is the link to the news story on CNN.  They display our food supplies that are currently offered by Costco.  We have been told by HQ that once Costco's contract it up, it will not be renewed.  Shelf Reliance's products will only be available via their website and through their consultants!  So visit my site at www.thrivingtexasmama.com and invest in some food 
insurance for your family today!

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