Monday, April 18, 2011

America's Test Kitchen Loves the Sun Oven

Have you heard the buzz about Sun Ovens?  Basically it a contraption that utilizes the suns rays to cook your food.  This is a God send for campers, RVers and those of us that live in a very hot climate.  Normally here in Texas, where the summers can easily reach 110 degrees, you don't heat up house with the oven unless you have to.  Most cooking is done outside on the grill after about mid April.  But now you don't have to sacrifice that homemade bread or chocolate chip cookies just because it is summer!

This is must have for any RVers!  Don't heat up your camper with that oven!  Get a Sun Oven!

At Shelf Reliance we carry the Global Sun Oven.  It retails at $324.89, but through me you can get it for $281.21!  That's $43.68 savings just for ordering through me!

Want to get it even cheaper?  Email me and I'll tell you how!

The Test Kitchen reviews the Global Sun Oven

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