Monday, April 11, 2011

The Instant Milk Experiment

At every show I make some Instant Milk and sell some every time.  People are shocked with the great taste.  This is not your Grandmothers Instant Milk!  It is not gritty and dissolves almost instantly.  You can adjust the taste of it by adding more or less powder.  For those of us who drink fat free milk, but prefer whole or 2% taste, this is a dream come true.  You get the good taste with none of the fat!!  Yup it is fat free!

I decided to conduct a little experiment.  I babysit kids and ran out of milk one day, so I mixed some up and put it in the empty milk jug!  I wanted to see if they would notice a difference.

How do you like my make shift funnel?  HAHA
 I just put the powder in, shook it up and put it in the fridge to get cold.

 Not one of the kiddos noticed a difference!  And trust me they would have told me!  My 15 year old boy noticed a slight difference in the taste, but said it was good and finished off the gal.  I had a customer at my last show that was so impressed with it she bought 2 cans to send to her son that is in college!  He LOVES milk, but due to space, doesn't get enough of it.  Those dorm refrigerators are not that big!  Now he can mix up a cup at a time!!

If you would like a small sample of our THRIVE Instant Milk, just email me your address and I can send you one.  Enough to make a nice glass!

THRIVE Instant Milk comes in a #10 can and has 97 one cup servings!  It is just $18.79*.  That is only .19 cents a cup!!  At $3.00 a gallon, store bought milk is also .19 cents a cup!  So what do you have to loose?  Well, factoring in the gas and time savings of running to the store when you run out, and the out of date milk that goes down the drain....NOTHING!  You have nothing to loose, especially when I will send you a free sample to try it for yourself!!

*This is the price when ordered through me.  When ordered directly from my website it is $19.49.

If you are a fan of our THRIVE Instant Milk, leave a comment below and let us know!
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Misty said...

I'm VERY picky about my milk...I mean VERY picky. I go through 4 gallons a week by myself and I LOVE THRIVE instant milk!

MELISSA said...

Just wondering where you find milk for $3.00 a gallon in a store! Borden's is over $5 a gallon down here! Outrageous! That makes Thrive milk a real bargain!

thrivingtexasmama said...

I only get Borden and name brand stuff if I have a coupon. Otherwise I just get store brand. It is 2.56 at on store and 3.49 at the other, so I averaged it out!

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