Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Chance To Enter Contest at Sales Moms Network!

This is your last chance to enter the contest I have in conjunction with SalesMomsNetwork.com Here is the info:  YOU WILL NEED TO ENTER THROUGH THEIR SITE!!!

Posted: 26 Apr 2011 08:06 AM PDT

Let us simplify your life, save you money, organize your pantry and give you a sense of peace!
Welcome to Shelf Reliance. Shelf Reliance is the industry leader in providing nutritious, delicious, shelf stable food that saves you time and money! By utilizing all primary food groups, THRIVE provides a solid foundation for proper eating to help maintain family health and happiness. THRIVE’s freeze dried fruits and vegetables offer optimum nutrition without any additives or preservatives.
Use our innovative program called The Q to build your “home store” and stock it with fruits and vegetables that are always in season, vegetables that are already chopped, meats that are already cooked! All of these have an average shelf life of 25yrs unopened and 1 to 2 years after opened.
STOP wasting money by throwing away produce that you bought with the best of intentions, but forgot it was there!
Visit www.thrivingtexasmama.com to see our line of wonderful products. Contact me at thrivingtexasmama@gmail.com for a personal phone consultation!

I am so excited to share Shelf Reliance with you I am giving away a package of 4 of our best sellers.
One lucky winner will walk away with a prize pack that includes the following:
  • THRIVE Freeze Dried Strawberries  – THRIVE Freeze Dried Strawberries will have you snacking and munching the healthy way. GMO-free and a strong source of vitamin C, our strawberries are cut length-wise and then freeze dried. This makes them perfect and lovely in anything from your morning cereal to parfaits or decorative cakes.
  • THRIVE Freeze Dried Bananas –  THRIVE Freeze Dried Sliced Bananas are great for the little ones who love to monkey around. All natural and great on the go, this treat is delicious when rehydrated or when left in its freeze dried state. You can enjoy these slices at any time of the day, whether added to oatmeal in the morning or desserts after dinner!
  • THRIVE Whole Egg Powder –  Made up of both egg whites and yolks, THRIVE Whole Egg Powder is both incredible and edible. Adding eggs to your diet is an easy way to feel the benefits of choline, an important nutrient that most of us don’t get enough of. Eggs are also a great source of protein and several B vitamins.
  • THRIVE Non-Fat Powdered Milk –  THRIVE Powdered Milk is a non-fat, just-add-water mix made from part dairy and part soy. Since it’s perfect for cooking, having powdered milk on hand will make all of your favorite recipes more convenient and worry-free than ever. There’s no need to wonder if you have any milk left in the fridge (or if that last little bit has passed the expiration date). Just add a little water to powdered milk to make it ready for cakes, waffles, or tasty milkshakes.
So here is how you can win!  There’s more than a couple ways, even BETTER chances for you!
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NOW THAT’s ALOT of ways to win!
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