Monday, March 21, 2011

All Eggs Are Not Created Equal

With the increased interest in food storage I wanted to take a minute to make sure that you know what you are buying!  You have to make sure you are comparing apples to 
apples if you will.

Powdered Eggs are often one of the first thing on a newbies list to buy, and they should be!  Eggs are so versatile, high in protein, and are included in almost everything that is baked!  Many companies offer powdered eggs, but how do they measure up?  I composed the following chart after some online research.

Brand Quantity weight shelf life price $ per oz

Augason Farms 56 36oz 10 to 1 $15.49 $0.43
Dehydrated Food Storage Doesn't Say anything since they are Not Available Not Available
Gourmet Reserves Doesn't Say 14 oz 10 to ? $53.30 $3.81
Honeyville 81 to 90 36oz 10 to ? Doesn't say Not Available
King Arthur Flour 26 8oz 2 mos $8.95 $1.11
Mountain House Foods Doesn't Say 42.3 oz 25/? $42.00 Not Available
Provident Pantry 96 ? ? $18.95 Not Available
Provident Provisions Doesn't Say 38.4oz 10 to ? $29.95 $0.78
Shelf Reliance 236 41.6oz 5 to 6 mo $21.69 $0.52

Although it may appear that Augason Farms is a better deal, there are only 56 eggs per can so it is .28 cents per egg.  Whereas Shelf Reliance is .09 cents per egg!  Although Shelf Reliance's open shelf life says 6 months, I have had my can open for about a year and they are still great!

As you can see powdered eggs are getting hard to find.  In a letter from our VP, Jason, he stated that they try to keep 2 to 3 months of inventory on hand.  So we have plenty of eggs.  Shipping time is running about 14 business days right now, but that should get better soon.

What do you use powdered eggs for?  Anywhere you use fresh eggs, you can use powdered eggs.  But where they really shine is in cakes and cupcakes!  Cakes are fluffier and more moist when you use powdered eggs!  You don't have to reconstitute the eggs when baking.  Just add 1T of egg powder and 2T water for each egg it calls for to the batter and mix it up!  The only time I have reconstituted eggs is when I am scrambling or making omelets.  We have 5 in our house and I usually cook a big breakfast on the weekend.  To feed all of us it usually takes 10 eggs.  I have started doing a half and half mixture.  5 fresh eggs and 5 powdered eggs.  The boys don't know I do it!  It really saves!

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