Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's National Pancake Week!!

It is National Pancake Week so here is my favorite recipe using my favorite products!!

I have a pancake recipe that I have adapted from a Betty Crocker recipe.  My family loves these!
I had promised a friend on FB a while back that I would send her this recipe and never got it done.  :(

Since I make these from scratch I make several batches of the powdered ingredients and then put them in a canister in my cabinet.  There is nothing in there that needs refridgerated so it should be okay in any type storage container with a good fitting lid.  This is the recipe I use (it is 6 of the regular recipe):

Pancake Mix
6 cups Flour 
(you can use whole wheat too)
1/3 cup Sugar
1/3 cup Baking Pwdr
1 1/2t Salt
Mix all of the ingredients and place in storage container.

Add to 2 cups Pancake Mix
2 1/2 cups Milk
1/3 cup of Oil
2 Eggs  
(if you don't have egg powder)

See how nice and thick these are?  I got a little carried away with the flipping!  Some people like their pancakes thinner.  My husband likes his almost like crepes sometimes.  If your family likes them thinner just add more milk until the batter is the consistency you like.  The yield really depends on how big you make them and how thick your batter is.   But 2 cups of the powder mix feeds my family of 5.
Some of them got a little dark.  I use an iron griddle on my stove.  Once iron gets hot, it really holds its heat.  I always forget to turn mine down
until it is too hot. 

Now about the powdered eggs.  I have been using powdered eggs for about a year in my cakes, cookies, muffins and pancakes.  Pretty much everything except scrambled, fried or boiled.  You don't even notice the difference!  They are made from the whites and the yolks and has all the same nutritional benefits!  All it takes is 1T egg powder to 2T water.   Just add the powder and water at the point that it is called for in the recipe.  When using it in mixes like this the milk takes the place of the water.  Yup, it's that easy!

And the best part about them is that they are a BARGAIN!  Each can has 238 eggs in it.  That is about 19 dozen.  It sells for just $20.99 for a big can and $9.09 for a small can.  If you were to buy 19 dozen from the store it would be around $32.  That is quite a difference.  An unopened can will last for 5 years and an open can for about 6 months.  $20.99 is the party price, which is the lowest price anywhere.  If you are interested leave a comment or message me and I will create a customer id for you.  With your customer id you get the lowest prices on everything on their site, 
including the camping supplies!  The discount is 10 to 30% off and varies on the item.

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