Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Women's Day Magazine Promotes Direct Sales

I sat down last night to thumb through my new April issue of Woman's Day and was very happy at what I saw!  In it Mary Hunt's article "Have a Party, Make Money", promotes supplementing your income with a direct-selling business.  She discusses the low start up, the income possibility and the flexible scheduling.  Here is a link to the online version of the article.  She then listed some companies and told where so see more online.  I quickly logged on of course, to see if Shelf Reliance was on the list, and it wasn't.  Listed were several companies that I have heard of, but they all consisted of purses, jewelry, bras, candles and Pampered Chef.  All great companies!  But they all have one thing in common...they are selling discretionary items.  Don't get me wrong, I love bling bling and purses.  But in today's economy when money gets tight, those will be the first items to be cut from the budget!  Another drawback that I see is that they are often a one time purchase.  For example, I have about 4 baking stones that I bought about 7 years ago from Pampered Chef that I love and use every week.  However, they were very expensive and although I use them regularly I have not purchased from them in a long time.  They do not sell a consumable item so your chances of repeat customers goes down drastically.  Mary Kay and other makeup companies do have a much better percentage of repeat customers.  However, when things get tight most mom's have a hard time spending $20 or so on a bottle of makeup.  Don't get me wrong, I love their products and my sister used to sell it and was very successful at it about 10 yrs ago.  But times have changes and things are only going to get harder. The US is borrowing 4 million dollars a day from OTHER countries!  The dollar is only going to get weaker and food prices are going to continue to rise!

If you are looking to supplement your income with a home based direct selling business why not sell what people NEED?  Real Food!  By purchasing THRIVE Foods customers are INVESTING in their families security!  We are not selling gourmet mixes, although I love them!  We are selling, promoting and educating people on "food insurance".  Teaching them of the importance of being self reliant and prepared for emergencies, not to mention that they will save time and money with our products.

I feel that as a Shelf Reliance consultant I have a powerful tool to help families weather this economic storm.  Having "food insurance" can literally feed your family if you are without an income for a couple of months.  No embarrassing food stamps or waiting in line to get your rations as they did in war times.  (I pray that America never has to go back to that!)  And with the quality of THRIVE Foods you do not feel like you are having to sacrifice!  I use them nearly everyday because of their quality and convenience!  I have my kiddos eating fruits they never liked before because they "taste like candy" when they are freeze dried!  It is good for them!  Take a look at this post from a couple of weeks ago that documented my first weeks in this business.  I have only had 1 actual party and my 1st commission check was $147.00.  The remainder of my sales were from web promotions, friends and family!  My check for March is already going to be over $250 and I have half the month left!  I don't have to convince people that the economy stinks, that is obvious!  I just have to get them to try the products...and then once they do, there are hooked!  Their kids are snacking on blueberries and raspberries!  Mothers are fixing a nutritious dinner in minutes with our freeze dried meats and veggies!  Parents are feeling more secure because the question of "What will we eat?" is no longer!  Fathers are feeling more at ease because they have a 72hr Kit to take care of their family if an emergency arises.  Life is full of "ifs", most of which you cannot prepare for.  But preparing for the ones that you can sure helps you sleep a little better at night, at least it does me!

If you have even entertained the thought of starting a direct selling business, this is the one to do!  A fellow consultant, Heather, from Cooking With My Food Storage, comprised this top 10 list. (I have added a few things to it.)

Top 10 reasons being a Shelf Reliance Consultant is Great 

1)  Commission:  Shelf Reliance Consultants Make money.
You get paid commission on everything you buy (except your Q), everything sold at parties, everything sold on your consultant website, everything a customer buys from shelfreliance.com, all your Q customers. You even get commission when you buy catalogs and supplies. Commission is 10% of orders, and up to 30% on new Q's! Which means we get everything at a really great price!

2) Consultants get the host benefits for any orders they take that is not made at a party. Which is amazing!!! Host Benefits are 10% of the party order in Free product and there are 2 ways to get product for 50% off.  This is my most favorite benefit.  I originally signed up as a consultant in order to get my food storage at a discount.  I had no idea how much food I would be able to get for free or half off.  If you are serious about food storage this is a great benefit.  Consultants also get supplies for your party (or your home) at a supper discounted rate through the Party Supply Benefit! And you get even more free food because of their generous Double Dip rule!

3) You receive a $50.00 bonus for every consultant you sign up. 

4) Consultants don't need to keep an inventory.  Shelf Reliance ships directly to the customer via FED EX.  We even ship to APOs Alaska and Hawaii.

5) Consultants never get dumped out of the system no matter how low your sales as long as your Q is active.  You also never loose your status, i.e. mentor or director, etc.  Once you achieve a level it is not taken away!

6) Consultants get paid residual commission every single month for every customer you have on the Q. This is magic!!! It’s commission without doing any parties. After a while you can make money without giving any parties or with just a few.

7) Consultants can print price lists and order forms online for free! You don’t have to buy party supplies from Shelf Reliance, you can do what you like.

8) I am your trainer! I will get you set up and off to a great start.

9) This is an established company that has just entered the home party market.  There is tons of potential for growth.  It is not very often that you have the opportunity to get in at the ground floor of such a great company.  I have been with several companies and this company is BY FAR the most generous to their consultants!

10) You get to work with great people.  Shelf Reliance consultants are very warm and welcoming.  I have been really happy with how helpful everyone is!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I would love to talk with you!  Visit my site at www.thrivingtexasmama.com and click on the Join tab to read more!

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