Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fruit is on Sale!

Apples, Bananas, Strawberries...oh my! Raspberries, Peaches and Pineapple too?  So many fruits...which to choose?  At THRIVE Foods we have an excellent line of freeze dried and dehydrated fruits!  However, we know that it can be costly to buy the #10 cans or only to find out that your family doesn't like it!  Well for the month of March the Pantry Cans and Pouches are on sale for about 20% off!*  Like their bigger siblings, the Pouches have a long shelf life of an average of 1 year after it is opened!  Bet you can't say that for the produce you get from the market!  Get more for your money with THRIVE Fruits.

Freeze Dried Banana Slices - Pantry Can $11.39 - Pouch $6.99
Freeze Dried Blackberries - Pantry Can $10.69 - Pouch $6.09
Freeze Dried Blueberries - Pantry can $11.89 - Pouch $6.39

Freeze Dried Mangoes - Pantry Can $9.89 - Pouch $5.19
Freeze Dried Peaches - Pantry Can $10.99 - Pouch $6.39
Freeze Dried Pineapples - Pantry Can $13.99 - Pouch $6.79

Freeze Dried Raspberries - Pantry Can $11.99 - Pouch $7.89
Dehydrated Pineapple Chunks - Pantry Can $7.79
Freeze Dried Strawberries - Pantry Can $10.29 - Pouch $4.19

Also Available
Dehydrated Apple Chips - Pantry Can $6.19
Dehydrated Apple Slices - Pantry Can $5.49
Freeze Dried Apricots - Pantry Can $12.79 - Pouch $7.49
Dehydrated Banana Chips - Pantry Can  $4.99 - Pouch $3.49
Freeze Dried Pears - Pantry Can $10.29

*You are guaranteed the lowest prices through a consultant!  Email me or post a comment and if you would like to be registered to receive these low prices!


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